• Name: High YWT series hydraulic Micro governor
  • NO.: 1006
  • Date: 2013-03-28
  • Views : 303

YWT series hydraulic Micro governor in imports of industrial controller PLC / PCC for computer control of the core, as a digital or proportional valve with electro-hydraulic converter link, as the implementing agency in the hydraulic system, consisting of the governor, forin small and medium-sized hydro-generating unit.

Main features:

◆ hydraulic device and integration of governor

◆ bladder accumulator accumulator, without air compressor system

◆ highly integrated hydraulic system

◆ electro-hydraulic converter optional digital or proportional valve

◆ integrated structural design, the abolition of the pilot valve, the main pressure valve intermediate structure

◆ oil resistance, static fuel consumption

◆ No mechanical zero adjustment, installation, commissioning and convenient.

◆ Relay flexible layout, cancel speed shaft

◆ power load without disturbance

◆ dual oil filter

◆ Hydraulic Level: 16Mpa

The ◆ governor power: 6000N.m, 10000N.m, 18000N.m, 30000N.m 50000N.m, 75000 Nm, 100000 Nm