• Name: W (Z) T-series Pumped Storage Micro governor
  • NO.: 1004
  • Date: 2013-03-27
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WCT series Impact Micro governor, on the basis of the Company to obtain extensive experience in large and medium-sized governor, combined with the impact on plant characteristics, and the development of a governor, suitable for impact Hydrogeneratingthe regulation and control of the unit.


Electrical control system:

microcomputer imported PLC or PCC, optional dual PLC or PCC

Direct Digital Control

frequency measurement residual voltage frequency measurement and the chainring frequency measurement, both primary / standby

boot needle can be combined freely, grid output according to the unit automatically switching the needle, the needle is automatically synchronized between

needle and fold using digital Associated

◆ Electrical Optional absolute encoder feedback, linear displacement transducer, potentiometer

friendly interface


Hydraulic system:

◆ Each needle / fold respectively correspond to the standard hydraulic unit, the superposition of the hydraulic unit, multi-needle multi-fold combination control

◆ High-speed switching valve conversion element as an electro-hydraulic, optional servo proportional valve + digital valve as redundant electro-hydraulic conversion mechanism

integrated structural design, the abolition of the pilot valve, the middle of the main pressure valve structure, part of a small, liquid, high sensitivity

oil resistance.

◆ No mechanical zero adjustment, convenient installation and commissioning, maintenance-free.

dual filter, washable running and replacement.

Hydraulic rating: 2.5Mpa, 4.0MPa, 6.3MPa

◆ System form (the number of needle) / (equivalent to the number): n / n