National electric power industry "big pressure on the small" Review

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Shutting down "five small" (small thermal power, small iron and steel, cement, chemical fertilizer, small small small colored), in China's economic life is a long-standing topic, but this news seems particularly large, especially in power industry "big" and "small", with more rapidly. Enter spring since, from south to north, from east to west, cooling towers, chimneys, the old plant a small thermal power units, in the blasting sound as one falls suddenly collapsed into ruins. Years of Neiguan ahead of schedule to achieve the goal of 10000000 kilowatts have been stopped, no suspense. The all-powerful momentum and velocity, was in charge of the work of the Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan said: "since the founding of the PRC, no less, the world!"

No small thermal power regressive, no energy-saving emission reduction of strides forward

In April this year, China Datang Group Jia Musi second power plant, when running for nearly 40 years of small units with blasting chimneys, factory announced from the stage of history, leading workers on the stage, in tears! Plant leadership while wiping the tears and said: "in the heart very afflictive! But this is the overall situation! Is the overall situation!" He said the overall situation, is energy-saving emission reduction, Premier Wen Jiabao's solemn commitment in March this year to the National People's Congress made: in order to complete the task of energy-saving emission reduction, "eleven five" period to shut down 50000000 kilowatts of small thermal power 10000000 kilowatts, shutting down this year.

As everyone knows, "eleven five" plan of energy saving, index, two binding pollution reduction but, "eleven five" start of the year, due to various reasons, the country did not achieve the objectives set in early energy-saving emission reduction. The power industry is the focus areas of energy saving and emission reduction, the state macro-control departments are the power industry should shoulder the responsibility in energy saving and emission reduction, but also can dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased, shall. Therefore, as an important measure, accelerating the shutting down small thermal power units is ranked in the forefront of energy-saving emission reduction schedule.

Small thermal power units of "crime" in where? China's power generation installed, above 75% is the thermal power, most of which is coal, energy consumption and emissions of great. In 2006, for example, power generation using coal more than 12 tons, half of the total coal consumption, emissions of sulfur dioxide accounted for 54% of total emissions. Electric power industry in energy production has become at the same time, also acts as a major energy-consuming pollution, miniaturization is the main reason for the "power structure". In 2005, the average capacity of single national thermal power is only 60900 kilowatts of small thermal power units, the unit capacity of 100000 kilowatts and below 115000000 kilowatts, accounting for 29.6% of thermal power installed capacity. The power supply coal consumption of large high efficient generator is 290 - 340 grams / kWh, small and medium-sized units of 380 - 500 g / kWh, or even higher, that is to say, the same electricity, small and medium-sized units spent more than 100 - 200 grams of coal than large units. See the emissions from pollution of small thermal power units, in 2005 emissions of sulfur dioxide and soot emissions accounted for the power industry's total emissions of 35% and 52%.

Thus, it is not difficult to weigh the stop small thermal power of the energy-saving emission reduction and structural adjustment of the power industry component. According to estimates, the existing small thermal power units if large unit completely replace, a year can save 90000000 tons of standard coal, equivalent to the entire power industry coal consumption in 2005 about the amount of 10%; 1800000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, carbon dioxide 2.2 tons, accounting for the total industrial emissions of 13.5% and 10% respectively in 2005 electricity. From the efficiency point of view, the current standard of thermal power units, power supply coal consumption in China was 366 g / kWh, Japan was 299 g / kWh, South Korea was 300 g / kWh, Italy was 303 g / kWh, the UK is 341 g / kwh. If China can reach the level of Japan, in 2006 a year can save coal 2.2 tons, reached the level, can save coal 82000000 tons.

The Jia Musi second power plant responsible person fight such a for example in feeling more than: "it's like fight north and south, no great back, certainly will not be great strides forward!" Yes, no small thermal power regressive, no structural adjustment of Power Industrial strides forward, also do not have energy-saving emission reduction of strides forward!

Administrative shut down shut does not move, positive policy to mobilize

Also in April this year, the northern power company Huaneng Group Wulashan power plant, 3 small thermal power units 250000 kilowatts by blasting demolition. Therefore, the enterprise loss of several billion a year. A worker told reporters: "too! Benefits of such a good business, I think impassability ah!" And with the Huaneng Group leader has a different view: "long pain rather short pain! Complete the pressure we can build more efficient coal-fired units, we think is to seize the opportunity."

This view is actually make a pointed comment, point to the problem.

According to Hao Weiping, director of the national energy administration power at the NDRC introduced this year, the power industry "big pressure on the small" two landmark document. One is the No. 2 document -- "of energy of the State Council approved development and Reform Commission, do notice" on accelerating the shutting down small thermal power units several opinions; another is the No. 53 document -- "the general office of the State Council on Forwarding the development and Reform Commission and other departments of energy-saving power generation scheduling approach (Trial)" notice.

In the State Council document No. 2, "big" and "small" is hanging hook. For example, large unit enterprise to build stand-alone 300000 kilowatts, 600000 kilowatts, 1000000 kilowatts of small units respectively, we must shut down its capacity of 80%, 70%, 60%. Also, to "big" to "small", the small is a prerequisite to the. On this basis, No. 2 document also starting from solving practical difficulties enterprises closed down, put forward on schedule to shut down the unit in a certain period of time, can enjoy the power index, and to large units on behalf of to obtain a certain economic compensation through the transfer; conditional area can be paid on emissions targets show pollutants, water index trading, etc..

To break the link to maintain interests of survival of small thermal power units, driving unit shut down, 2 document clearly stated, to improve power generation scheduling approach, the generator and efficient environmental protection, small thermal power generating prior to the high consumption, high pollution. To early 8, the State Council document No. 53, namely the "energy-saving power generation scheduling approach" formally issued, clearly defines the various types of generating units in accordance with the energy-saving, economic principles, implementation of the unit energy consumption and pollutant emission levels, from low to high, are queuing scheduling, formed a complementary pattern and the "big pressure on the small".

These policy effectiveness of the obvious. Many enterprises reflect, shutting down the policies and measures of the development, pay attention to from set out actually, pragmatic, rational, is to a way out of the policy, can form the interests mechanism to encourage small thermal power units, shut close early, so that enterprises realize, than not close, close close early than late, much less than good. "Big pressure on the small" is indeed the enterprises eliminate backward productivity, a rare opportunity to adjust the asset quality, expand market share.

Because the policy convergence, supporting measures, strong operability, pay attention to the role of market and legal means, as far as possible around the requirements of the development of desire and the elimination of backward production capacity mission together, can solve the practical difficulties of enterprise long-term interests and after shutting down, the emergence of a "administrative shut down shut does not move, policies a good situation of enthusiasm", will be the past "to me" to "I want off now". Many local governments and enterprises offered to increase the shutting down of the scale, implemented in all localities and enterprises to shut down the program, "eleven five" during the shutting down a total capacity, more than all localities and enterprises and the national development and Reform Commission signed letters of responsibility goals total.

To overcome many difficulties, shutting down the effectiveness of the obvious

Although the policy to mobilize the enthusiasm around the shutting down small thermal power, but due to historical and practical reasons, shutting down the work is still faced with personnel placement, the disposal of assets and coordination capacity replacement and so many difficulties and problems.

In personnel placement as an example, it is the most difficult of shutting down small thermal power units, the key is shutting down the work can proceed smoothly. Only the first half of the year all shut down small thermal power units involving staff more than 2 people, improper handling will affect social stability. In the process of resettlement workers, Huaneng Group presented does not put a worker to the society, not because the unit is shut down and the workers are laid off, not because the unit shut down and reduce the income of workers. Datang Group put forward the "two guarantees", one is to ensure that the shut down unit personnel have some source of income, the two is to ensure that for shutting down the unit personnel to provide and create jobs. The implementation of these measures, ensure the shutting down the work smoothly.

Like Huaneng, Datang, many local governments and enterprises all try various devices to, overcome difficulties, to take various measures, the proper placement of shutting down the unit staff. Shandong as the power the first big province, called on all localities should insist on the one hand shut down, one hand grasping stability, of personnel placement, to formulate the work plan, do deep, do fine, do, cogent accomplish "Guan Dele, live firmly".

Big pressure on the project, and objectively determine the shutting down small units, construction units are not in the local, many projects need the area and provincial construction. In this process, through coordination, some places will be able to overcome the shutting down small units index after retrieval, building capacity and reduce the difficulties. This year, Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Sichuan, Chongqing and other provinces and cities are from the local area to volume index for other provincial unit construction, ensure the big pressure on the small project construction smoothly.

Through the joint efforts of all parties, this year shut down small thermal power units in a good start, obvious effect. Director of the NDRC Energy Bureau Zhao Xiaoping concludes: one is shutting down the progress faster, to the end of 8, the country has shut down 8610000 kilowatts of small thermal power stations, the total goal of shutting down 86.1%; two is the development of advanced productivity, in the "off small" at the same time, countries to accelerate the pace of "big". At present, the national development and Reform Commission has agreed to carry out preparatory work for or approved by the big pressure on the small project 40, a total of 27900000 kW, and will start construction as soon as possible; three is the energy-saving emission reduction effect. At present, shutting down 8610000 kilowatts units, can reduce coal 13000000 tons, reducing 220000 tons of sulfur dioxide.

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