Yunnan small hydropower station were low-priced sale

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Former "xiangbobo" at present "chicken ribs"

Yunnan small hydropower station were low-priced sale

Compared with 2002, with a huge sum of money to invest in Yunnan hydropower development is enormously proud of one's success, Mao Daxun has a feel as if a generation had passed, "at that time we took the money to find the project, is now a lot of people to contact me to take over their Hydropower Station project." Mao Daxun is Yunnan's largest private hydropower station -- Yunnan Hongshiyan Hydropower Station of the investors, "if a certain profit, I can transfer this power station." Mao Daxun said. Unexpectedly, the financial crisis is that the "small hydropower xiangbobo" standing in the area of investment has become a "chicken ribs".

Fire hydropower tropical to investment impulse.

Mao Daxun invested in the construction of Hongshiyan Hydropower Station, it is nearly 10 years of small hydropower station construction of the first wave period. At that time, the State Council approved the "fifteen" period in the construction of 400 hydropower rural electrification counties, and coincides with the national power shortage, in this two force stimulation, caused the upsurge of investment in small hydropower wave is not small in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou hydropower resource-rich provinces, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian the folk capital also follow into the cloud, expensive, 3 small hydropower construction in Sichuan province. At that time in the investment community, small hydropower is regarded as the highest power energy return rates in the world. Mao Daxun and a group of Zhejiang Lishui villagers is entering the construction of small hydropower investment in Yunnan at that time, "for hydropower, in addition to this project, we had traveled almost half of china. No matter where you go, I can see the investment in small hydropower station of Zhejiang." Mao Daxun said with a smile, when he had introduced himself is "not fly in the air, is to examine the way in hydropower station".

The concentration of small hydropower investment business is Jingning County, Zhejiang city of Lishui, a Jingning county development and Reform Commission told reporters, Jingning county had a population of 170000, more than 1 people invest in hydropower, "a member of a family of some are hydropower station shareholders." It is reported, in 2002 ~2004 years, there were nearly 100 billion in private capital investment in the construction of small hydropower stations across the nation in Zhejiang Province alone, if coupled with the Fujian, Guangdong and other small hydropower investment capital, the number is likely to more than 1 times magnification. Small hydropower investment hot trend began in the late 90's of the last century, in that time, a merchant of Zhejiang began in the country involved in small hydropower investment, known as the "private hydropower king" Zhejiang Huiming group investment in small hydropower is started from 1995, the group's chairman Ren Ping once said that to the media at that time, is a piece of virgin land of small hydropower investment, resources, opportunities, Wai Ming group began to invest in small hydropower, the investment return rate of more than 20%, some of the project investment return rate even reached 40%.

In 2003, Mao daxun jointly several fellow Lishui registered Yunnan Hongshiyan Hydropower Development Company, the registered capital of 120000000 yuan, plans to invest 400000000 yuan to build Hongshiyan Hydropower Station, "but later in the construction, the project funds increased by 150000000 yuan to build." At present, Mao Daxun Hongshiyan Hydropower Station has been built for power generation, the annual power generation capacity has reached 380000000 to 400000000 degrees. Another Lishui fellow villager Mao Daxun, is one of the hydropower development of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture of a river, the river will build 5 small hydropower stations, while Zhaotong cross river cascade hydropower stations is Sichuan a private enterprise to take, then known as the investment is in 7000000000 yuan of above, in Xishuangbanna, Lincang, Dali, Diqing, Wenshan also has many Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan and other places of businessmen to invest in the development of small hydropower. "In 2000 ~2004 years, the development of small hydropower in Yunnan folk capital 10 billion yuan in Yunnan at present levels, private small hydropower station scale is huge." President of Zhejiang Small Hydropower Industry Association Ye Hangdi told reporters, Zhejiang businessmen in Yunnan small hydropower investment station installed capacity of 2000000 kilowatts, if calculated in accordance with an average of 5000 yuan per kilowatt of investment, Zhejiang folk capital into the Yunnan small hydropower construction funds of nearly 10000000000 yuan.

Mutation of financial storm blowing cool small hydropower

In 2004, the national macro-control of small hydropower investment gold over ten years. But in this time, Wenzhou people from Lishui who took over the baton of small hydropower development, let the small hydropower development ushered in the spring of second. But from the beginning of last year, the international financial crisis thoroughly put small hydropower capital Repeng become investors in the hands of a hot potato. Said an unnamed Wenzhou investors told reporters, in 2004 he invested tens of millions of dollars in Xishuangbanna took a small hydropower project. "I want to take advantage of the national economic situation is good, do a good job a career. Then met the national macro-control, bank loans difficult; even worse is the outbreak of the international financial crisis, not only for capital chain enterprises themselves, but also reduce the power consumption of industrial enterprises, the project quickly losses occur." In desperation, the Wenzhou investors expect the transfer, "but we all understand the situation now, rarely over people, even if the price was low, but also difficult to sell." He introduces, at present a lot of in the central and Western investment in small hydropower 1/3 are looking for buyers, in order to attract buyers, these small hydropower projects out of the preferential price, bid price is lower than the cost price of about 20%.

Ye Hangdi tells a reporter, he invested in the Qujing Luoping hydropower station has been put into operation two years ago, but now the business is not good, has been in a loss of the edge, "the two problems of small hydropower development, is now a small hydropower project financing is very difficult, two Power Grid Corp have pricing power to electricity price." Mao Daxun tells a reporter, Hongshiyan Hydropower Station is 30% investment financing, bank loans 70%, but because most of the investment and increase of nearly 150000000 yuan, is a large part of the proportion of self-financing, bank loans will be greatly reduced, and in 2004 the national macro-control policies is, the installed capacity of 50000 kW of small hydropower the station does not grant a loan.

Nu River Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of small hydropower industry association secretary-general Xu Zhenfeng told reporters, the Nujiang small hydropower 67, last year, generating capacity reached 1920000000 degrees, "we can send up to 2300000000 degrees, but because the transmission does not go out, so the power station are not full load power generation." Xu Zhenfeng said, the Yunnan small hydropower enterprises operating difficulties are two factors, one is the price too low, "the price we supply network is the dry season 0.23 yuan per kilowatt, flat-water period and the wet period is 0.18 yuan. During dry period, Nu River power supply for each unit of electricity is 0.2 yuan." In addition, the supply of the electric net, Nujiang Prefecture grid will be charged 6 cents per kilowatt-hour of wheeling cost, which greatly diluted the small hydro power station profit. Mao Daxun told reporters, in the construction of the feasibility report Hongshiyan Hydropower Station, expected rate of return on investment in 15% ~ 20%, and now he is average profit rate is about 5% ~ 6%, the investment recovery period in 8 ~ 10 years.

Dynamic enterprises choose to buy

In fact, Yunnan some small hydropower investment companies are now looking for buyers, "a certain profit, I'll sell." Mao Daxun told reporters, in 2004 when he started to change. And Mao Daxun had a big investment in small hydropower station is on sale, but many large enterprises are in wait-and-see, going to at the appropriate time purchase of small hydropower station are those funds chain fracture. Xu Zhenfeng tells a reporter, major power companies some of Nu River's small hydropower owners are including Hongkong Meiya group, Datang Power Generation and Yunnan Electric Power Investment Corporation, contact, "because the hydropower is a renewable resource, and does not pollute the atmosphere, so the electric power enterprise also is very optimistic about the prospects of the development of small hydropower, but because of the financial crisis and power supply tensions have eased, so the acquisition of enterprises are still in wait-and-see, they may wish to obtain lower in waiting for the purchase price." Xu Zhenfeng said. President of Chongqing Jiangjin Small Hydropower Association Luo Qiang told reporters, some overseas funds to Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou and the acquisition of Yunnan Hydropower Station ownership, small hydropower station, the prospects for the future is still bright, but the problem is that these offshore funds to acquire large equity hydropower station, but large hydropower station under the control of the state-owned enterprises is not willing to sell, "now form a contradiction, want to buy can not buy, want to sell do not sell out." Luo Qiang said. Xu Zhenfeng thinks, with the further development of economy and the national energy-saving emission reduction policy gradually implemented, the hydropower industry is very promising, but the premise is to survive the financial crisis.

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