Guangxi fully set off a new upsurge in the construction of water conservancy

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Implement the central document No.1 Guangxi full set off a new upsurge in the construction of water conservancy

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region conscientiously implement the spirit of the central document No.1, support infrastructure of irrigation and water conservancy construction, set off a new upsurge of water conservancy construction, reinforce dangerous reservoirs, levees, irrigation and water conservancy projects is everything in good order and well arranged to carry out.

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party committee, the government attaches great importance to water conservancy, autonomous region government to add 300000000 Yuan of special subsidies for the livelihood of water conservancy project construction; the fourth quarter of last year, the central new Guangxi water conservancy construction investment 1116000000 yuan, plus routine project plans to invest this spring, winter in Guangxi water conservancy construction total investment will exceed 5000000000 yuan, the intensity of the hitherto unknown.

In accordance with the deployment, Guangxi spring water conservancy construction focus is: give prominence to the reinforcement of dangerous reservoirs, major water conservancy projects, problems of rural drinking water safety engineering, water saving engineering, large and medium-sized irrigation district Haihe River embankment engineering, soil and water loss control engineering and damaged water repair water conservancy project.

According to statistics, as of February 6th, all the region of water conservancy construction projects have been started construction, 4050000000 yuan in funds, a total of 3420000000 yuan investment, the completion of plans to invest 59%; dispatched mechanical stage class 1550000, invested a total of 23980000 working days to complete the earth and stone, 15860000 cubic meters; repair damaged projects 976; 2.8 km of dredging channels; reinforce the reservoir 151 a new canal seepage control; 608 km; 33 kilometers of dikes; control of soil erosion area of 141 square kilometers; new small water project 2083, the new water storage capacity of 3300000 cubic meters; new recovery irrigation area of 388000 Mu, the improvement of the irrigation area of 5090000 mu, the new Hanlaobaoshou area of 4000 acres, an area of 5000 acres of new drainage, transformation 18000 acres of low-yielding fields, new water-saving irrigation area of 35000 mu, the new water-saving 44720000 cubic meters; new rural water supply project 280, completed the rural drinking water safety in 421000; completed construction of infrastructure conduit unit of 5919 square meters. (Zhou Xiaojun, Liu Wenguang)

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