Localization of No. 4 turbine governor in Fujian hydropower plant

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By the Fujian Hydropower Development Company Limited, Wuhan University and Wuhan four Gen companies assume "Mianhuatan Hydropower Plant No. 4 turbine governor transformation" project, in December 13, 2012 by the Fujian province hospital test completed in field testing and modeling experiment, and put into operation.

The project and real-time simulation of nonlinear modeling as the main research methods, on the base of the analysis of the control law and control strategy on the original import governor, absorbing the advantages of original governor, and determines the system structure, control model and control law of speed governor. In fact, and real-time simulation of fine modeling unit provided a good platform for the development and optimization of the governor, the real-time simulation model and the real characteristics of hydraulic turbine governor parameters in good agreement, and service parameters through the real-time simulation of the selected basic agreement.

The main performance indexes of governor after transformation are to meet or better than the national standard, the field test results and the comparison of national standards are as follows:


Technical indicators

Technical indicators

The measured results

The static characteristic speed dead



Automatic startup process



No-load frequency swing value

In the manual is less than ± 0.20%
≤± 0.15%

Manual for -0.74%~+0.1%,
Automatic -0.14%~+0.12%

Relay the immobility time



100% load rejection


The number of wave crests≤2,



The number of wave crests=1,



Primary frequency regulation performance is better than the East China power grid, compare results of field tests and East China power grid frequency modulation response of performance requirements:


Response properties of primary frequency modulation technology index

East China power grid frequency modulation response performance requirements

The measured results

A frequency modulation load response lag time (i.e. rated head in 50m and above of hydropower unit, its primary frequency modulation load response lag time)



A frequency modulation load to reach the required adjustment amplitude time (i.e. when a dead band of grid frequency variation over unit, load adjustment unit primary frequency regulation should reach 100% primary frequency adjustment of the maximum load during this time)



A frequency modulation load stability time (start, namely more than a dead band unit changes in the power grid frequency within this time, unit output response deviation and average value of the target unit should be within the rated output power. The ± 3%)




From the 100% load rejection characteristics, after the transformation of the new governor is superior to the original import over speed, speed reducer, new old 100% load rejection characteristics are as follows:



national standards

The new governor
The measured results

The original import governor
The measured results

Adjust the ratio of tE and speed speed up time tM




More than 3% of rated speed steady speed values of wave number

The number of wave crests≤2

The number of wave crests=1

The number of wave crests=2

The minimum relative speed after load rejection unit





From the above test results can be seen that the Mianhuatan Hydropower Plant of No. 4 turbine governor is very successful, the main performance indicators are better than national standards, reached the expected goal, brings great convenience for the future maintenance, maintenance and operation.

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