On-site technical services

The purpose of the on-site service is to make our equipment safety, regularity and put into operation.

◆ our company will send a Qualified service personnel to the scene to help you:

A law-abiding, to comply with the rules and regulations in the field;

2 There is a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, time and place;

Understand the design of the equipment in the contract, familiar with the structure, and the on-site guidance;

Health, to adapt to the on-site working conditions.

◆ I'm a field service technician responsibilities:

Equipment quality problems handling, commissioning, to participate in the commissioning and performance acceptance tests;

Before commissioning the demand-side tests, procedures and methods of explanation and demonstration to be carried out;

3 to the power plant operation, maintenance staff on how the governor system works, answer questions about the governor;

4 in dealing with all the technical problems the scene.

◆ Our company is fully responsible for all acts of on-site service technician.

Technical training

◆ technical training principles

Technical training is to protect the security of the entire system, continuous, a necessary prerequisite for normal operation and important means. With the electronic control system increased adoption of new technologies, technical training is becoming increasingly important. I always adhere to the technical training is indispensable in the system during the manufacturing process, a very important, and technical training will run through the entire manufacturing process until final acceptance.

I have always believed that technical training is done, the better, the user more thorough grasp of the system, the system of long-term, continuous and stable operation of the more assurance. To this end, we will take the initiative to provide users with effective technical training of all shapes and sizes.

◆ training goals and objectives

Operation and maintenance personnel familiar with the system, operate, to ensure the normal running of the entire system.

Operation and maintenance personnel learn to find fault, and the timely isolate trouble spots site.

Operation and maintenance personnel learn to analyze the reasons for the failure occurred, and take effective measures to eliminate common problems in a timely manner.

4 gives the operator and maintenance personnel to learn the necessary care and maintenance of the system.

(5) allows the operator to learn to be programmed to modify the system specific parameters for the operator based on operating experience to further optimize the system operation and management, personnel training for the owners to lay a solid foundation.

◆ technical training strength

My company has a number of theoretical basis, strong communication skills, and there are a number of automation engineering experience and technical training the lecturers and counseling engineers.

My company has the ability to provide users with various levels of scale and forms of technical training. Location of training, can provide the training, in-country training, the in-house training, factory training, on-site training; according to the object of training, managers training, engineer training, operator training, maintenance personnel training; training content, system design training, programming training, commissioning and training, comprehensive training.

We plan for the owners to arrange technical training: the device manufacturing process in our company principle of the PLC system technology training program, combined with the installation diagram, wiring diagram for the second training, so that the user equipment in the future run troubleshooting and system maintenance; site commissioning process is complete, comprehensive technical training, until the completely churches users, operation, maintenance so far. According to the needs of owners, then the appropriate increase in the number of training until the user thoroughly church so far.

◆ training from time to time after the completion of the project

In addition to the factory training and on-site training, we may need in the after-sales service return visit to the process according to the owners visit from time to time user training, including new technology lectures, Q & A, software upgrade (version), equipment maintenance guidance.

Service commitments

◆ our company tenet of "first-class enterprise, first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class service" for the electricity market to provide quality products and quality service; ensure the device complies with the requirements of national standards.

◆ I will be in strict accordance with the contract requirements on time governor of the drawings, information.

◆ During the warranty period, any problems caused by the product quality, demand-side personnel found, should be promptly notified to the telex, fax or letter writing for the parties, and shall take appropriate measures to prevent further expansion of the fault more more than the loss of the city, I will arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and 48 hours to arrive at the scene outside the city.